Resitting your IELTS test

If you don't get the result you want, you can register for another IELTS test as soon as you feel ready to do so.

Before applying for another test, take a moment to consider your options. Your score is unlikely to increase unless you make a significant effort to improve your English.

Research on international students found that it appeared harder to improve in the productive language skills (Speaking and Writing) than in the receptive skills (Listening and Reading). The study found that the least average improvement was in Writing*.

Ask yourself the following questions:

If you answered "No" to any of the questions above, learn more about how to prepare here.

Resitting the test after a long break

IELTS is a test of English language proficiency, so you need to work on all skill areas to maintain and improve your English. If it is a long time since you last sat the test, your language skills may not necessarily have improved, even if you have been living in an English-speaking country. Prepare thoroughly, and consider taking an IELTS preparation course as a refresher.

Consider our IELTS Masterclass 90

If you have registered or are thinking of registering for an IELTS Test, take part in an IELTS Masterclass: tips and advice from the experts! These Masterclasses are designed for those who aim to obtain an IELTS score of 6 upwards. IELTS Masterclass 90.

We offer computer delivered IELTS tests weekly in Bern and St. Gallen with results in 3-5 days! Paper based regularly in Switzerland with results in 13 days. Register here


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